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Looking to Emigrate to America?

Every year, decisions are made by people and organizations to leave their homelands and start a new life in the country known around the world as the land of opportunity. Now that you have made the decision to join this enterprising group in search of your new future, we at Citizen USA look forward to being your partner in this exciting venture, allowing us to be instrumental in your success in the New World.

Susan Ports and her team have acquired many leads for United States businesses for sale and investment opportunities. These are available for anyone to purchase, including foreigners. Acquisition of a viable US business or investment will qualify you for immigration. In the process of purchasing a business, our foreign representatives will guide you through the steps along with the process of acquiring your US VISA. Please refer to our International Representatives list to find one nearest you. Attend one of our international seminars and learn how you can become a legal US resident.

Citizen USA was initially established in Miami, Florida, in 2001. Over the years it has helped many people, from different walks of life, achieve their greatest wish, to emigrate to the United States. It has provided the opportunity, knowledge and support that have resulted in those people being able to live the American Dream.

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