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About Citizen USA

About Citizen USA

About Citizen USA - Susan PortsCitizen USA had its beginning in 2001. After working several years in the US Senate on Capitol Hill in Washington DC I became very familiar with the various government agencies. The US Immigration was one particular agency that I was asked to intervene on behalf of the various constituents of the Senators.

The red-tape, delays, paperwork and numerous procedures were mind-boggling for a US Senator employee; so imagine how frightening and confusing it must be for a foreigner trying to emigrate to the United States of America.

Now, enter the WORLD ECONOMY into the equation, such as banks closing on a daily basis in foreign countries, the devaluation of various foreign currencies, and now the daily threat of terrorism; the need to divert that money and secure it into the USA economy became imminent. I found the need to invest in the USA economy and to obtain USA residency could be combined rather efficiently to obtain the necessary visa to reside in the USA permanently.

Citizen USA will expose you to numerous USA business opportunities and investments that will qualify you for various visas. We can put you in touch with extremely qualified US Immigration attorneys to complete the transaction.

Let us assist you in expediting your immigration to the United States of America. Since September 11, 2001 we have been very busy. The immigration laws have become very strict. Before the USA doors close completely.

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