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Thank you for inquiring into Citizen USA to help you and your family get citizen visa's in the United States. Citizen USA was founded by Susan Ports over 9 years ago to help people like you start your new life in the US.

Citizen USA is an organization that connects American businesses that are for sale or seeking investors to people like you that want to become permanent residents in America. The US has created the EB-5 pilot program as the fastest way to obtain permanent U.S. residency. Once the requirement have been met you and your family will be automatically qualified for permanent Green Card.

The US businesses that are for sale or seeking investors are available to people like yourself. What we do here at Citizen USA is match you to one of the viable businesses that we are working with and walk you through the US EB-5 application process. Although this short description of this program sounds easy it can be difficult if not handled properly. Let our experienced staff, along with our foreign representatives, guide you through this process. You won't be alone, we are there every step of the way with you.

Contact Susan Ports at Citizen USA and tell us about yourself and your needs. We will provide you with the latest EB-5 Visa information that will detail this program and get you started.

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