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How to get Citizenship

How to get Citizenship - Looking to Emigrate to America?

If you are in need of how to get citizenship in the United States then you have come to the right place. We are Citizen USA and have been working with individuals and families for over 9 years to fulfill their dreams of coming to America.

At Citizen USA we work with businesses, international representatives and the government approved EB 5 visa program. The EB 5 program is from the 1990 US immigration laws that states an individual from another county can invest or buy a US business and are able to apply to be a permanent US citizen. This program also covers the individual's spouse and children under 21. There are a few choices with the EB 5 visa program but to fully understand all the requirements let the professional and experienced staff at Citizen USA explain all of your options in becoming a US citizen.

Contact Susan Ports at Citizen USA for more information about "how to get citizenship" in the United States. Right now immigration is a hot topic and with elections around the corner anyone who is serious in becoming a permanent US citizen should do so now.

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