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How to get EB 5 Visa

How to get EB 5 Visa - Looking to Emigrate to America?

Welcome to Citizen USA we have been answering the question of how to get EB 5 visa for our clients for over 9 years and counting. A EB 5 visa is part of the Congress program that allows immigrants to invest or purchase a US business to receive permanent residency in the United States.

This is how to get your EB 5 visa. Although we can go over basic steps we highly recommend not to do this on your own, leave it to the professionals whether our company or another. First, file a Petition for Alien Entrepreneur form with INS. Second, after approval, (a) if you are in the US you apply for Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residence form with supporting documents to INS. (b) If you are abroad you must wait for notification from the Embassy in your home country to prepare the documents for your visa interview. Third, after approval you'll receive a form documenting the approval along with a travel document. Then you will receive a temporary green card by mail. If you're abroad then you have six months to enter the US from the date of the Embassy approval. Then fourth, after two years, you file for removal of conditions or your permanent green card.

Contact Susan Ports at Citizen USA on how to get EB 5 visa. Right now immigration is a hot topic and with elections around the corner anyone who is serious about becoming a permanent US citizen should do so now because the current EB 5 program expires in 2012.

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