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Emigrate to America - International Contact Info

CitizenUSA has representatives available in several International locations. If you are in a foreign country, you can contact one of the representatives below from the following countries.


Lou HaynesLou Haynes
Lincolnshire. England
Phone: 113 2983 578 [24 Hours]

I am an English born, Australian citizen. Having lived in Australia for over 17 years, now living in England for the last 4 years, I formed a company in Australia that offers help to people wanting to have a business and live in the USA. This process also helps you to attain a USA visa through Citizen USA.
The difficulties in getting visas in America can be very complex and getting up to date information is vital. With my help and Citizen USA's expertise and services, it`s possible to have residency within 5 years for an L-1 visa.
Please don`t hesitate to contact me for more information, with the intention of buying a business .


Simion Roitman
Israel Phone: +972548070571

I always like to move forward and that is why I decided to work with Citizen USA. This company gives you the answer to the question on how to work and travel in the United States. By buying and establishing your own business in US you get a possibility to work and live together with your families. It's worth to mentioned that this is a challenge for Iraelites who do enjoy new, developing and result-oriented businesses. It is very complex to obtain US visas and Citizen USA is to support at all steps on the way to your new life stage.


Charl van WykCarlos Vasquez:
Phone: USA (305) 761 5504
MEXICO (521) 555 4010157

I was born in Mexico City where I have lived and worked for the past 11 years. I have years of experience on business management and customer service. I am married and have three wonderful kids. Recently we made a decision to have a better quality of life and immigrate to the United States. Thankfully we found Citizen USA, we meet Susan Ports and we knew we were in good hands. Citizen USA has helped us live our dream.

It?s hard to sum Citizen USA's professional service with words, businesses for sale, investments, and immigration advice. Investing on a United States business can be the most recommended process for immigration and a way to live your dream. Anyone who?s ever dealt with immigration knows how intimidating the experience can be, Citizen USA and associates can make this experience more pleasant.

Simply put, if you want to invest and need help with immigration, you need Citizen USA. We are here to help. Call us for a consultation.

Fluent on English and Spanish.

South Africa

Charl van WykCharl van Wyk
Cape Town, South Africa

My name is Charl van Wyk, born in Namibia 1965, and have lived in South Africa for the last 28 years. I am happily married with 3 beautiful kids. I have had the ability to travel the world; and as a South African, I know how difficult it is to find an opportunity to reside in the USA.

After our recent visit to Miami, Florida, my wife and I decided to seize the opportunity with Citizen USA as a business venture, and as a way to help other serious South Africans obtain a business in the USA. At the same time, it gives us the chance to live and work in the USA.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any information relating to businesses for sale on the web site.


Anthony RedpathAnthony Redpath
North East England
Phone: 34-677060622

I was born in the UK in 1973 and moved to Spain in 2004, where I live with my wife and son now. We have established a company in Spain which now enables us to offer assistance and advice on USA Visas through Citizen USA. Having visited Los Angeles and getting married in the Hawaiian Islands, we both agreed that we would work hard and eventually move out there. Now it seems that this dream is beginning to materialize, that I am also going to assist other people like myself to achieve the goal of living in the USA. Please contact me for more information relating to purchasing a business and / or beginning a new life in the land of opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you!

United Kingdom

Surtees RedpathSurtees Redpath

I was born in the UK which is where I was brought up.

Originally I worked as a ship builder in the North East and later began teaching this trade in our local colleges. I studied different subjects and then began teaching and preparing a variation of exam papers in various subjects for the education authority. After many years teaching I retired, I then bought and sold various businesses with my son.

We both have been searching for a legal representative who is clear on the legalities of how to reside in the USA. Since my first contact with Susan Ports, my confidence has increased and now, having been given the opportunity of working with her, I am sure that my move out there will just be a matter of time now.

I understand the difficulties in obtaining reliable, up to date information and the need to have someone who has the knowledge and ability to provide advice and recommendations specific to your own circumstances, all of this is provided by Citizen USA.

If you would like any assistance on business investment visas which will best suit you, please contact me.


Giuseppe NedianiGiuseppe Nediani
Caracas, Venezuela
Phone in Miami: 305 803 7972

Although I was born in Italy, I emigrated to Venezuela with my parents as a small child.

In 2002 I started the process of emigration to the United States in order to obtain a business visa. Although the visa was initially granted, the renewal was rejected after the first year due to the incompetency of the people who were advising me.

At that time I met Susan Ports, who with her lawyers was able to change my visa to an H1B, and since then I have been assisting Mrs. Mycko in CitizenUSA.

Immigrating to the U.S. is not an easy task, and from personal experience I can say that CitizenUSA offers the best way to accomplish this.

Buying an established U.S. business is definitely the best and less stressful method for coming to the U.S to live and work.

Contact me and we will help you.

Invertir en empresas o negocios ya establecidos es la mejor manera para emigrar a los Estados Unidos, y nosotros en CitizenUSA lo podemos ayudar.

Se desidera venire a vivere negli Stati Uniti CitizenUSA lo puo aiutare.

NB. Giuseppe Nediani is a Licensed Professional Engineer and a Contractor in the State of Florida, and he also has a Real Estate License.

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