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P2S Executive Summary
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John Lesousky

P2S Executive Summary
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John Benton
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John Lesousky

Renewable Energy Brochure
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George St.Onge
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New Jersey, USA:

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Steven Kane
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Cindy Kane
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Medical Marijuana

Gayle Skeete M.D.
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Famous Records

Mr. Jeffrey Collins
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Fashion Boutique

Richard Kirsh


Solar Layout

Mr. Ronald Czebiniak
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Solar Layout

Chuck Marcus
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BDK Solutions was founded in 2007 with the vision of utilizing both renewable and non-renewable energy sources to meet the high demands of today’s energy-dependent society in ways that are consistent with the need to preserve our environment and to ensure our own future, and the future of our children and their children.

Aerial ViewAfter several years of preparation and study, we are ready to move forward with an ambitious project that will enable us to realize this vision in a very powerful way.

The project will begin with the final acquisition of a large property located in central New Jersey, less than one hour from New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA.  This property consists of 320 acres with 450,000 sq. ft. of buildings and infrastructure.  The property will be developed in stages according to the following plan:

Hydro System PlantStep 1: Restart the Existing 1 MW Hydroelectric Plant

The hydroelectric plant on the Musconectcong River will be re-started and will become fully operational within approximately 2 months.  An operations and maintenance team is in place.

Step 2:  Develop 20 MW Solar Electric Energy Farm

A large solar panel installation capable of generating 20 MW will be constructed.  This will be connected to the electric grid by means of the two existing 35 KV lines, which will also be carrying the power from the hydroelectric plant.

River FrontageStep 3:  Manufacture Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells provide a clean energy source for the transportation industry.  The hydrogen Fuel cells will be generated using the power produced on site.

Step 4:  Develop Vast Water Resources on Property

The 6 wells on the property will produce approximately 93 million gallons of potable water per month.  This will be sold as bottled, and also in bulk to swimming pools, construction industries, pharmaceutical companies, and others.


Daniel Kaudern, B.S. in Management, CEO and Founder:  Mr. Kaudern has been in the building industry since 1985.  His technical specialization is in concrete and masonry.  His expertise lies in planning large construction projects, assembling and coordinating teams, and project management.  His recent accomplishments include major concrete renovation at Newark Liberty International Airport, renovations at the headquarters of the New York State Thruway Authority and the Barracks at West Point Military Academy.

Bertil Kaudern, P.E & P.P., Naval Architect, Co-Founder:  Mr. Kaudern was Vice President of Engineering and Construction for National Bulk Carriers for 36 years working with Daniel K. Ludwig, founder, and known as the “father of the supertanker.”  Together they built some of the world’s largest tankers, ore carriers and dredges.  Their many land based projects include the world’s largest solar salt facility in Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Sur Mexico, the Princess Hotel Chain, West Lake Village in California, and a Refractory Bauxite and Kaolin mining project in the Amazon Region of Brazil.

Robert E. Tarrant, M.B.A. in Management, Accounting & Finance and B.S. in Chemistry, Director of Operations.  Mr. Tarrant has more than 25 years of experience in large, multi-phase projects including: industrial controls, chemical process, refinery, pharmaceuticals, clean water & wastewater treatment facilities, power generation, electrical transmission & distribution, renewable energy and sustainability.   He leads the energy group for Merchant Bank specializing in clean energy and power generation, and energy efficiency projects via real property structured finance platform.

Solar Layout
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Initial capital requirement is $50M.  This will be dispensed as follows:

$1M down payment on the property.  $30M to develop the hydroelectric and the solar electric over 1-2 years. Revenue generated will be $5.9M per year.

$4M to develop multiple uses of water resources over 1-2 years.  Revenue generated will be $10M+ per year.

$10M to develop the hydrogen fuel plant.  Revenue generated will be $10M initially; $20 M per year in 5 years.

$5M for overhead and contingency first 4 years.  The project exit strategy will be an IPO at the end of 2-3 years.

The return on investment will be quite expeditious and quite generous, depending on the amount of the investment, and the goals of the investor.  There are several options, such as equity partner and percentage returns, and we will consider any terms and conditions the investor may suggest, provided these scenarios will work with this project.

Andy LaPenta


Budget Housing logo

In 2012 after much research and development our consortium registered Budget Housing Program Inc. (BHP) also known as Global Housing Program Inc. in the State of Florida to solve an apparent ever growing problem with lack of standardized housing and to make a positive difference in our world. Prior to Budget Housing Program our team noticed the following:

  • Private homeEvery year natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and poor construction standards cause countless destruction worth well over $100,000,000 and kill hundreds of thousands of people across the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • According to a new study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), 59 million people, live in dwellings that are either unsustainable for habitation or are built with poor material and they lack basic infrastructure services in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • Lack of affordable housing for most families.
  • Lack of Standardized housing with first class amenities.
  • Almost 40 percent of families in the region live in a house beyond repair, have no deed and lack water, sewage, electricity, adequate building material or space.

This creates one of the largest opportunities in disguise which includes and not limited to:

  1. private homeHelp businesses expand in the Caribbean and the Latin American region.
  2. Build luxury & sustainable vacation properties for US residents & Caribbean decedents who want to retire to the Caribbean and Latin America.
  3. Build investment and  commercial properties.
  4. Build equivalent section 8 U.S government housing while offering ancillary services to Governments, Businesses and NGOs.

Our current Interim CEO is  LEED-AP and AICP certified.  Our  management team consist of ex-business owners, Professional Architects, Engineers, Accountants, Land-Use Planners, Urban Planners,  Land-Use Attorneys,  Environmentalists, Designers, Contractors, Surveyors, LEED Accredited Professionals, Land Surveyors, Horticulturalists, Educators and Economists who build sustainable construction to save human lives from all natural disasters.

BHP is seeking a total of $2,200,000 in investment/loan money with up to 10% annual interests repayment to implement the following:

  • Glass window/walls homeStabilize construction  & market in the Caribbean
  • Purchase much needed infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Control our current market
  • Short-term and long-term growth
  • Expand to the Dominican Republic by 2015
  • Expand in Panama by 2016
  • Establish much needed Satellite Offices in the US
  • Expand in Aruba
  • Expand in Belize
  • Expand in Jamaica

The loan/investment will be repaid as the company completes existing constructions and simultaneously  acquires new clients. Although we build commercial structures and provide professional  services and real estate services and anticipate an influx sales; 85% of our marketing efforts are geared toward residential construction on customers' legally plotted  lots.

Office buildingWe are a US based global corporation that builds sustainable and luxury construction to save human lives from natural disasters while providing Engineering & Design Services, Land Planning Services, Real Estate Services, Architectural Services, Water Management Services, Capacity Planning Services, Capacity Development Services and Renewable Energy Services in Haiti, Panama, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Belize, The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao),Central America, South America, the Greater Caribbean and beyond. We are a team of Professional Architects, Engineers, Land-Use Planners, Urban Planners, Environmentalists, Designers, Contractors, Surveyors, LEED Accredited Professionals, Land Surveyors, Horticulturalist, Hydrologist, Educators, and Economists. Each project receives a comprehensive review from different professionals who incorporate key elements therefore each project becomes truly sustainable.


Our goal is to build the highest quality of sustainable construction to save human lives from natural disasters, along with providing ancillary services to individual clients, faith based organizations, NGOs and Governmental agencies around the corner or to the ends of the earth.

Office CenterIf you are interested in making a difference in the world while earning  a high return on your investment (ROI);  then Budget Housing Program is the ideal place to invest your hard earned money. We have created an innovative sustainable corporation that is fail safe while simultaneously providing structurally sound yet high-end finish construction  for medium to high-income families thereby pioneering a green economy for millions of families that are in financial  distress in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Budget Housing Program unequivocally addresses the sustainability phenomenon completely.  The company's  primary function is to seamlessly undertake and resolve  mankind's core issues which are social inequality like poverty and lack of education; financial injustice; and  environmental stewardship on our planet.

BHP implements the above through building homes and commercial properties  in third world, second world, and first world countries.

By building in geographical locations where the typical construction companies don't see value in building, we in essence capture a niche market (55% global GDP)  and those who can afford it will pay a premium for our products.

  • BHP fulfill a need
    • Foreign descendants who want to retire comfortably in their native country
    • Middle-High class individuals who want to retire in the Caribbean/Latin  America
    • Middle-High class families who want to build vacation properties in the  Caribbean/Latin America
    • Foreign investors who want to build investments structures in the Caribbean/Latin America
    • Local middle-high class families who want safe and high-end construction
    • Businesses that want to expand in the Caribbean/Latin America
    • Governments/NGOs who want to build in the Caribbean/Latin America
  •  BHP can charge a premium
    • We offer 100% ROI
    • Build a multi-billion dollar corporation by 2023
  • BHP creates an economy 
    • Jobs for skilled labor ( millions)
    • Jobs for unskilled labor ( millions)
      • Families can put food on their tables
      • Families can send their kids to schools
      • Families can build  structurally sound homes
      • Families can meet their medical needs
      • Build local and regional infrastructure
      • Build with local & regional renewable resources
      • Increase governmental tax base
      • Develop local and regional vendors
      • Create a sense of hope for the future (Crime goes down)

Scott Brian
PH:  561-440-3664


Action Craft Logo

Action Craft Boats began over three decades ago with one goal in mind: To build the highest quality, best performing, most durable, angler designed skiffs that set the standard in shallow water fishing boats.

Action Craft BoatsOver the years, Action Craft has achieved its goals, and still continues to set new standards today by being the most innovative builder, with the finest fit and finish, and highest resale value in the industry.

Action Craft has 12 models with 3 brand names. All 12 models have an exclusive hull design known as the "Qui-Dry" hull. There are some boats made that keep you dry in rough water, and there are some that are quiet when stalking fish on the flats, but not many that do both. The solution to this problem was the creation of Action Craft's patented Qui-Dry® hull design.

Our design incorporates a transitional chine at the bow water line, allowing an increased angle for water to roll off the hull, rather than slap. This reduces the noise that spooks fish. A built-in spray rail above the water line, and our modified running strakes on the bottom of the hull, decrease the wetted surface of the boat. This feature directs water away in a manner that produces a sheet, rather than a spray, of water. This yields a much dryer and more comfortable ride when running through choppy waters.

Investment Opportunity

Action Craft BoatsAction Craft Boats seeks a unique investment opportunity in the form of 3 options:

(1) Invest $1.876M to help the business grow:
     *expand USA footprint
     *expand business in Australia
     *expand in business Caribbean Islands
     *expand production
     *others-see list

(2) Buy a percentages of the business and be on the TEAM, then help with investing as desired
     *50% sells for $1.2M
     *80% sells for $1.9M

(3) Buy the entire 100% of the business from the current owner for $2.4M
     *Then keep the owner and VP on staff to help run the business

Action Craft BoatsPrinciple's Bio

Action Craft Boats was purchased by CK Prime Investments Inc. CK Prime Investments, Inc. was founded by Chad Kovarik.  He grew up in a small town in Ohio called Smithfield, with a population of less than 1,000 people. He was very competitive in nature and excelled in school and athletics. He went on to college and graduated with degrees in both Manufacturing Engineering and Business & Operations Management. He also studied Lean Manufacturing in Japan and became a Six Sigma Blackbelt.

Action Craft BoatsWith over 20 years in manufacturing, Chad has led and/or supported the turn-around of several manufacturing companies. He did all of this while working as an engineer or a member of the executive management team. It was always his dream to some day buy his own manufacturing company, spend time and energy fixing it and watch the company make customers happy. Chad states, "When the Action Craft possibility came up, I was thinking to myself, this must be a dream because I've always been a boater and wanted to live near the coast in Florida.  To get the chance to bring a once thriving business back to life and hear fishing stories from some very happy customers would be like a dream come true." He has been an avid boater since his teenage years so this was an opportunity he could not pass up.

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Chad Kovarik
Owner / President
(614) 530-2423 cell

High-Tech Hydroponics Project

Always Fresh Foods seeks investors to raise $5,000,000 in $1,000,000 increments. The entire project is $25,000,000 that will be done in $5million phases. The majority of the funds will be utilized to purchase infrastructure for product growth and alternative energy equipment.

Truly sustainable business requires not only closing resource loops, but also creating a replicable and adaptable model. Our project is founded on a model of closing waste, resource, and energy loops. The project consists of a waste to energy, hydroponics, specialized LED lighting, aquaponics, and air to water technology. The proposed site is located in Va, with other sites to follow in SC and NC.

Always Fresh Foods is a WOSB/ VOSB. Always Fresh Foods is a partnership of successful businesspeople developing existing unoccupied commercial structures, into highly productive and profitable Hydroponic and Aquaponic projects.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Components

The project will produce its own electricity and heat on site using proven co-generation and solar hot water technologies. The plant will remain connected to the public electrical grid and natural gas pipeline, providing us not only with a backup power source but also the possibility of feeding our surplus electricity back to the public grid. So while we may occasionally take power from the grid, we will also be giving it back, leaving us with a near net-zero usage level.

The use of LED lights instead of sodium halide lights reduces the required electric power up to 50 percent.

By using the air to water technology to make our own water, we scale back the need for water which is one of the major costs and scale back the electric use. The ability to use the same technology to constantly filter the water brings the loop into almost a net zero water project.


With a rise in health conscious populations, an unexploited territory is giving rise in the food industry- people are seeking out sustainability, local produce, and higher quality foods. Hydroponics is able to meet all of those needs. Today, hydroponics is an established branch of horticulture. Progress has been rapid, and results obtained in various countries have proved it to be thoroughly practical and to have very definite advantages over conventional methods. With the ability to grow 10 to 12 crops a year versus a single field crop, hydroponics will produce much higher crop yields.

Drought is also a major issue in some parts of the United States... Some hydroponic farmers report that their greenhouse uses one-tenth the amount of water as a conventional crop farm, contributing to greatly reduced water consumption over all. With the ability to make our own water with Air to Water Technology, we will not be subject to the concerns that drought is bringing to the country.

Globally, six of the last eleven years, we have consumed more food than has been produced. There are a number of things that have contributed to the world food crisis including land shortage, severe weather conditions, and poor crop production. Hydroponics seeks to alleviate all of those contributing factors, and if implemented on a global scale, holds the power to end the food crisis we now face.

The main crops to be grown are tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, microgreens, and herbs.

Growing Vegetables with Fish

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (growing fish in a farm setting) and hydroponics (growing plants in water and without soil). The great thing about aquaponics is that it is an almost fully-closed ecosystem. In other words, it requires very little input (just some fish food and some micronutrients) and generates almost no waste.

Aquaponics is a closed-loop growing system that creates a symbiotic relationship between aquaculture – raising fish, and hydroponics – growing plants in water instead of soil. The fish produce ammonia-based waste that is sent through a biofilter where solids settle out and the rest is broken down into nitrates. Those nitrates are then fed to plants growing in hydroponic beds. By absorbing the nitrates, the plants clean the water, which is returned to the fish.

Hydroponics requires the addition of nutrients (usually in the form of expensive chemicals). Fish waste is very high in ammonia, which is a form of nitrogen. If there’s too much ammonia in the water, it will kill the fish (and plants!). But nitrifying bacteria can break ammonia down into nitrites, which the plants can absorb. So, in aquaponics, the fish, bacteria, and plants all rely on each other to thrive.

Growing tilapia has a number of advantages:>

**As fresh-water fish, they don’t require a salt-water system (which would be far less suitable for growing vegetables).

**They grow quickly and so can be harvested after about 10 months.

**They naturally thrive in a crowded tank and can easily tolerate a range of temperatures and water qualities

**We can also grow perch, freshwater shrimp, and other kinds of fish.

Air to Water Technology

Recognizing a world population that is rapidly expanding, and a worldwide water supply that is ever diminishing, a need for plentiful, potable water for the global population is imperative. We now have the ability to produce, by means of Atmospheric Water Generation, cost effective, clean, potable water. Environmentally, atmospherically generated water has no harmful effect on the environment like reverse osmosis and desalinization. Atmospheric water generation is simply duplicating what nature does when conditions are right. One of the major costs for Hydroponics and Aquaponics is water. Now that cost is nearly eliminated in an on-going basis. 

Biography of Founder - Diana Potts

Ms. Potts has been involved in both an advisory and leadership capacity for numerous organizations. She played a major role as an advisor with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality during the Hurricane Katrina and Rita cleanup operations. Ms. Potts was also one of twenty top environmental leaders chosen to join a Green Sustainability panel at the Pentagon, where she helped write the Department of Defense’s Sustainability Plan. In 2011, Ms. Potts was chosen as an industry advisor to the newly formed Army Energy Initiatives Task Force.

Ms. Potts has received numerous awards, including the Congressional Medal of Distinction for Environmental Efforts, the Congressional Order of Merit, and the 2009 National Leadership Award.  READ MORE >>>>

Diana Potts
Always Fresh Foods
910-354-8037 cell


Emerald Falls Investment/Loan (EB-5)


Emerald Falls was originally named Deer Run Golf Course, a 36 hole public daily fee golf course, part and parcel of a private leasehold ranch located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Emerald Falls

Emerald Falls Clubhouse Description
Kanaa Resort Renderings
Miscellaneous Photo Gallery


In November 2005 the owners of the property began construction of the golf course along with development of single family building envelopes.

In 2006 Emerald Falls began as a golf course redevelopment project. The golf course was completed in 2006 by Progeny, a golf course land development firm. During the period years 2006 through 2008; 77 Single Family Lots were developed with 55 of those parcels being sold.

In 2008 Lot sales dried up and all marketing of the project ceased indicative of the US economy at that time. Since then approximately 15 lots have closed (most within the past 12 months and 6 houses constructed with an additional 2 under current construction and 2 others in plan review with HOA.

Emerald FallsIn 2009, David Oberle, President of Progeny joined forces with the owner of Emerald Falls to further develop and manage the day to day operations and oversee development of the property in furtherance of that of a Master Planned Community, which will be developed in two phases.  The project will also include a luxury resort with full amenities..

To date the Owner(s) of the Emerald Falls Golf Course and appurtenant properties have invested in excess of $18,000,000.00 with accrued additional equities representing a Capital position in excess of $22,000,000.00.

Based on a feasibility study and financial projections completed by the hospitality valuation firm HVS, the analysis reflects a profitable resort operation with net income expected to total 21.1% of total revenue by the stabilized year (year 3). Stated conservatively, the company anticipates a return on investment to be in a range from 10.0 to 16.4%.

Emerald FallsThe minimum investment per investor is $545,000 with a total offering of $61,585,000.

Principal Bios

David Oberle, President

David’s experience in real estate development began in the 1990’s and has included architecture, golf design and construction, land planning, landscape architecture, finance, design and construction. Prior to joining the Emerald Falls development team, David was the creator and owner of Progeny, a construction company specializing in the construction of residential golf course development. With over 150 employees, David had responsibility for scheduling, project cash flow, architects and engineers, entitlements, contracts and governmental agencies.

David’s development experience includes specializing in the use of government and incentives to achieve financing and reducing overall development costs, with the recent completion of the $60 million Tulsa Cancer Institute in which he brought in $14.0 million in equity from New Market Tax credits, as well as reduced the interest rate to 3.05% and provided non-recourse lending through the fastest approved build America Bond in US history. Additional incentives reached in excess of $12.0 million over the next 15 years for a total of over $26.0 in equity and savings.

Lucia Carballo, Vice President – Operations Manager

Emerald Falls RenderingsLucia Carballo Oberle, the daughter of a Cuban immigrant, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a minor in International Business from Oklahoma State University in 1999. In her daily duties as manager, she oversees the entire management staff of head golf pro, golf course superintendent, head chef, and chief accountant. This endeavor has her meeting with investors, media personnel, marketing staff, real estate agents, nationwide golf-magazine writers, local city wedding planners and cultural benefactors, to name a few. In early 2012, she became majority owner of Emerald Falls, LLC and was able to direct the project to new heights. Currently, Emerald Falls is in the process of undergoing an extreme $100+ Million renovation adding a hotel, apartments, numerous activities and amenities and is looking at creating a truly unique destination resort and community for the active senior.

Bernie Carballo, Board of Directors

Bernie is based in Jupiter, Florida. Bernie served as Seagate Technology Inc’s NYSE: STX executive vice-president responsible for global sales and marketing from 1991 to 2000. Seagate is the largest hard drive company in the world, with 100,000 employees in 28 countries and sales of $1.9 billion per quarter. After retirement, he established his own consulting practice and currently provides professional services to Seagate and serves as a director on the boards of several other high technology companies in the US and South Africa.

Brooksher Banks CPA
Banks & Associates, LLC
40 Heritage Park Circle
North Little Rock, AR 72116
866-865-3703 (fax)

Clay County Port-Reynolds Park-Green Cove Springs, Florida

Mixed Use Development of a former Naval Base and Airfield

A Project of Priority Partners International, LTD (PPI, Ltd)

Clay County Port-Reynolds Park is the former Navy Base and Airfield that serviced the Atlantic Fleet at the end of World War 2. The Navy mothballed some 600 ships at its piers due to the natural protection from hurricanes the location provided. The airfield, Lee Field, has continued to operate and now has one active runway. The Waterfront is also active with both wet and dry storage and some maintenance facilities.

Clay County Port-Reynolds

The Project is located on the St. John’s River in the City of Green Cove Springs, Florida which is in the Greater Jacksonville, Florida SMSA. Green Cove Springs is the County seat of Clay County, now the fastest growing County in the State. Its per capita income is one of the highest in the State. The local City, County and State Governments are pro growth and see Clay County Port as their main economic Engine. In 1964, Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) had been President of the United States for almost a year and wanted to do the right thing for his native state of Texas. So to create many jobs, etc. for his home State, he closed down the base and moved it to Texas. He got his good friend, Louis Reynolds, Patriarch of the Aluminum branch of the Reynolds family, to buy the base. The President sweetened the deal with several enticements such as favorable access to the Army Core of Engineers for land improvements, land ownership of the St. John's river bottom around the eleven ½ mile long Navy piers, and other similar deals. The daughter of Mr. Reynolds and her children now own the property, improvements, and cash flow in a company called Clay County Port, Inc. and has agreed to sell it to PPI, Ltd.

Clay County Port-Reynolds

Our plans are to expand and upgrade the present facilities and develop it into a thriving multi faceted community. The main end uses will be a Waterfront area consisting of residential, retail, and office space; a Marina and full service Maintenance Facility with both wet and dry storage; an Air Park with FBO, Fueling Facilities and Hangar Storage; Government leased air facilities including Homeland Security (which is already leasing facilities at the Park), US Customs, and other needs of the Government that have already contacted us; Light Industrial/Assembly for marine and aerospace companies; and Residential and Recreational facilities to compliment the community and the region.. Many of these end uses already are active on site with a list of companies waiting for the opportunity to sign leases in renovated or new structures.

Clay County Port-Reynolds

PPI, Ltd was formed by Richard E. Ingram and Arthur F. Cleveland II. The business model is to acquire and redevelop quality properties based on realistic values for its own investment affiliates as well as other investors. The target Market for these real estate activities is the Southeast United States. These activities focus on larger and more complicated transactions that take advantage of unique opportunities. The founders are well trained for this challenge. Mr. Ingram began his career in banking with Wachovia Bank. In 1971 he moved to BuilderMarts of America (BMA), a national distributor of lumber and building supplies, as Director of Millwork Sales. In 1988 he was named Chairman of the Board. In 1998, sales reached $668 million and he sold his company to Guardian Industries. In 1982 while with BMA, he founded Tel/Man Inc. as an alternative long distance telecom provider. He became Chairman in 1987 and after many mergers and acquisitions, the resulting company was known as Telecom USA. It became the fourth largest telecom provider in the US after ATT, MCI, and Sprint. Mr. Ingram took the company public on the NYSE under the symbol TTT. In 1990 the company was sold to MCI for $1.2 Billion. Mr. Cleveland, after serving five years in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer in the Atlantic Fleet, received his MBA in Finance from USC in 1979. He then started his career with WR Grace as a financial analyst. Mr. Cleveland then left and formed several Real Estate companies in the 1980’s and 1990’s where he worked primarily in Development projects in the retail, office, and Hospitality sectors. Over his 30 years in the business, he has developed over 3.5 million square feet of properties.

Clay County Port-Reynolds

The Investment to purchase, expand, and redevelop the property is $195 million with the initial purchase of the Port, Park, Airfields, Buildings, Land, Entitlements, Leases, etc. being $120 million, and another $75 million for construction. The 10 Year IRR/valuation is projected at 25%/$1.1 Billion. Detail Financials and a list of prospective tenants poised to commit are available on request. Several pictures have been provided with this summary.

With the close proximity of the cities of Jacksonville to the North, St. Augustine and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, The World Golf Village (home of the PGA), the University of Florida, a growing educated population nearby, and a new Beltway connecting all these dots to the Port, marketing will be contagious.

Clay County Port-Reynolds Clay County Port-Reynolds

Arthur F. Cleveland II
Managing Director

medtel24 Overview

Medtel24’s cardiac monitoring model enables physicians to afford to take the time needed for detailed evaluation of the monitoring reports for improved outcome, while receiving a fair and more equitable compensation, commensurate to the required workload and responsibility of patient care. Our proven and successful model is designed in compliance with all US federal healthcare laws.

The total potential market for US population with cardiac disease is 60 million people. Presently we manage +/- 400 patients per day. The growth opportunity is huge.

Our Facility
MedTel24 StaffExecutive offices and Cardiac Monitoring Center is located in the former IBM World Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. Due to the mission critical nature of cardiac monitoring, the selection process for MedTel24’s state-of the-art Cardiac Monitoring Center was a crucial concern. The facility has its own (on-site) generator plant which generates 10 million watts and is one of the top ten (10) power generation plants in the state of Florida, with significant space available for future expansion.

MedTel24 distributes and monitors state-of-the-art wireless cardiac monitoring devices, enabling physicians to log-into our web portal from anywhere and access their patients reports daily, weekly, or end of prescribed session. Reports can be printed, stored or imported as a PDF. Platform is also HL7 compatible to facilitate integration into many EMRs MedTel24 has quickly established itself in the Cardiac Monitoring market. In less then 2 years of operations, medtel24 has achieved a positive cash flow position. Given the infrastructure already established and the market acceptance of its novel business model, the Company believes significant organic growth is obtainable. Key elements to the growth plan will be provided to interested parties once an NDA has been executed with the interested parties.

Long Island Diagnostic Imaging

Long Island Diagnostic Imaging Center is located in East Setauket, in prestigious Stony Brook Long Island
            Diagnostic ImagingTechnology Park off of Route 347in the town of Brookhaven, NY.  The area is home to many medical practices and medical facilities. The center provides the highest quality medical imaging services available in the eastern part of long island.  The facility has been providing comprehensive quality diagnostic services and the latest advances in imaging technology since 1986.  The medical facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology, the gold standard in imaging center accreditation.

The center’s 12,000 sq. ft of space includes a new PET/CT suite for the comfort of the patient and to insure their privacy while going through the specialized procedures.  Included in the space is a digital mammography with Computer Aided Detection (CAD) suite also with a privacy area.  The following imaging modalities are offered at the center: MRI, Spiral CT, Nuclear Medicine/SPECT, Bone Densitometry, Denta Scanning, Digital Ultrasound, Echocardiography, General Radiology, HALO, Holter Monitoring.

CT ScannerThe center will be medically managed by Long Island Radiology Associates (LIRAD).  LIRAD provides medical imaging services in the greater New York, Long Island, NY and New Jersey areas.  The group of radiologists is headed by their CEO, Dr. Daniel Beyda.  Dr. Beyda is a board certified radiologist that joined the practice in 2003. He earned his medical degree and an MA in Medical Sciences at Boston University School of Medicine, completed his internship in 1999 at Malden Hospital, and his radiology residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in 2003.  Dr. Victoria Beyda is the co-medical director of Long Island Radiology Associates. Dr.Victoria Beyda is board certified radiologist that joined the practice in 2004. She earned her MPH and medical degree at Boston University, completed her internship at Winthrop University Hospital in 2000, and her radiology residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in 2004.  The founder of LIRAD is Dennis R. Rossi, M.D. Dr. Rossi is considered a pioneer of diagnostic imaging services in the New York area. He founded Long Island NMR in 1984, one of the first outpatient MRI centers in the United States. Dr. Rossi has co-authored many professional papers in MRI and installed and operated many imaging facilities over the years. His diagnostic skills and highly specialized administrative expertise are nationally recognized. Dr. Rossi received his medical degree from State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center in 1968, completed his training in radiology at Montefiore Hospital Center in 1972, and then served in the U.S. Navy as Director of the Department of Radiology at St. Albans Naval Hospital. Dr. Rossi heads the eight-member group of board certified radiologists and is Director of the Department of Radiology at Long Beach Medical Center.

LabTheir skilled technologists and professional staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of their patients and referring physicians.  They offer a wide variety of exams that are performed using modern, ACR certified equipment by experienced technologists and board-certified physicians.  LIRAD invests a great deal of time and resources into achieving and maintaining the highest quality service for their patients. They are proud to have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, an honor given to select few facilities for voluntarily meeting the high standards of patient care set by The Joint Commission.  This accreditation shows their dedication and commitment to our patients

LIRAD currently runs 7 imaging centers and are implementing their expansion plans to include 5 additional centers within 5 years. 



Blind Matters Network will reach its one year anniversary as a syndicated radio network on June 29, 2013.  There is no other syndicated radio program of its kind in the history of radio. Blind Matters Network features Blind Matters Radio Show which is a unique program catering to the low vision and blind community. We have many sighted people listening as well.

My name is Michael Golder.  I am the host of the Blind Matters Radio Show which debuted, live, on the air on April 7, 2012.  My background is sales and marketing for more than forty-five years.  Being blind, I understand the listening audience. The show is fun and informative.  My co-host is sighted and also happens to be my wife, Lynne Golder. She writes all the commercials and produces the show.

Community Service Award, Greater Orlando council of
                the BlindWhen we started the show, it was just the two of us. Then I found a new partner, a Certified Public Accountant.  This gentleman loved the idea of the show and invested monies in the company.  We, then, formed a corporation.  Prior to his investment Blind Matters Network aired in one city. We had just expanded the show from one hour to two hours because we had so many calls coming in and so many people who told us that they loved the show.

Blind Matters Radio Show now has some big advertisers such as Publix Supermarkets, the number one supermarket chain in the South.  Other fine advertisers who have joined us are Budweiser and Jitterbug Cell Phone by Great Call, Inc.

Blind Matters Network is missing one thing…an investor.

The investor’s money would add three major components to the network.  One, we could immediately acquire additional radio stations/affiliates. Our goal is to expand nationwide and to be heard in every major city in the United States.  We also stream worldwide.  The second component is to hire an administrative assistant and another full time salesperson (to acquire more advertisers). The third missing component is a publicist.  We greatly need a publicist to get more exposure for the Blind Matters Radio Show.

Our goal, a year from today, is to have a listening audience of 750,000 to a million people each week with a monthly income more than three and a half times the current monthly income.

Investment amount required: $100,000.  Of this amount, $50,000. will be applied to 15% of the shares of the corporation. You will receive an equal vote among the three partners…yourself, Bernie and Michael. The other $50,000. is a loan for 36 months at 18% interest per year on the unpaid balance.


Michael Golder, Host 
478 E. Altamonte Dr.,
Suite# 108-331,
Altamonte Springs, FL


Hilda Demirjian is an internationally known laser skin care specialist. Her skill and advanced knowledge of the industry has transformed many faces and bodies around the world.

Hilda's love of skin developed in her native country, Persia, where skin wellness is considered highly valuable. As a young girl, she believed Persia to be the "Mecca" of skin care. As an adult, her love for beautiful skin grew into a driving passion. Hilda has traveled to many countries, learned from specialists, and taught stu­dents in such places like Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Europe (Italy, UK, and France), the Far East (Japan), and the United States of America.

Unlike most skin care businesses, she uses a unique laser technology which provides nearly painless treatments for laser hair removal, collagen and skin rejuvenation. This allows Hilda to work with many types of skin without limiting her clientele. This applies to people with: rosacea, acne, sun damage, scars, stretch marks, and many more conditions.

From her 17 years of clinical experience, Hilda has been invited to appear on multiple television and radio shows, as well as conference panels, for her work in skin care. She is currently co-researching a study on the correlation of skin and fertility with the help of laser therapy. Hilda has formulated her own skin care product line through years of scientific research with fruit stern cells. Her latest Collagen Elastin Gel with Apple Stem Cells will be expected to be the latest rave in town.

Hilda serves as an advisor to medical doctors and other laser specialists on skin care, training them on optimum laser utilization. She also acts as a consultant to various esthetic laser manufacturers.

Hilda Demirjian travels the globe searching to advance her laser skin care business with new technology and other methodical practices with laser. She currently owns and manages one of the most successful laser and skin care centers in the New York Metropolitan area.

Hilda Demirjian established the center in 1996, after introducing her skin care line in 1992. Currently, the center is located in White Plains, NY and it is well known in the region and beyond with clients coming from as far away as California and India.

Products and Services: Laser hair removal, laser hair therapy, skin rejuvenation, facials, massages, body scrubs, skin care treatment products.

Product and service examples: Collagen-Elastin Gel with Apple Stem Cells, Camphor pore-minimizing masque, Herbal Toner, Rosewater Toner, Basic Facial, Vitamin C Facial, Acne Facial, Swedish Massage, Body Exfoliation with Massage, Deep Tissue Massage.

Hilda Demirjian Laser and Spa LLC, through its franchising affiliate Hilda Demirjian Franchising LLC, is seeking to establish a network of franchised skin care and spa centers.

The day spa sector is the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry, with an affluent and demanding client base. Men are increasingly consumers in this area, resulting in expanded opportunities for growth and revenue.

Garni Gharekhanian
Hilda Demirjian Franchising LLC


NIS Development Corp
(Neighborhood Improvement Specialist)

Executive Summary

Products: Purchase distress residential properties in good neighborhoods at 50% of Market Value including improvement cost and resell Properties at 90% of retail Market Price.

Product Examples: Bank Foreclusures , divorce cases, death in the family and estates have to be settled, properties that are in arrears in property taxes, Abandon and Vacant properties, expired listings, buying properties out of bankruptcy.

Compitition: The purpose of the plan is the ability to have cash available to Purchase properties and close within 20 to 30 days without Engineering reports, mortgage contingencies. Cash is king in this Business coupled with construction experience and the ability to Analyze the property for improvement and cost. A purchase decision can be made quickly.

Purpose of Plan: The purpose of the Plan is to borrow $1,000,000:00 for two years at 8% per year. Increments of, or minimum investment of $200,000 would be acceptable. The capital will be secured by residential real estate where a lien will be placed on the subject properties in first position. Properties will be bought and sold on a repetitive basis. During the two year period. The maximum loan on any property will not exceed 50% of market value. The average time to purchase and fix up and sell a property is 7 months.

Team: Dennis Hamilton, Licensed Electrical Contractor and Licensed Builder with over 30 Years Experience in the construction and property investment field . Work with a crew of Architect & Planners, Lawyers, Plumbers , Estimators and Carpenters.
I Have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Goal: To spend and manage the Capital as if it was my personal funds that can not afford to loose a dime of Principal. Exercise minimum risk at all times.

Dennis Hamilton
NIS Development Corp (Neighborhood Improvement Specialist)
49 Lathers Park
New Rochelle NY 10801
9146372636 , Fax 9146372637




Sauer Energy WindChargerâ„¢
California based Sauer Energy, Inc., (SEI), a Nevada corporation, is the manufacturer of the WindCharger™, a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that can be roof mounted or stand alone for use on individual homes or small buildings. SEI’s unique design offers maximum wind capture and high efficiency utilizing its advanced patented and proprietary technology.


The WindChargerâ„¢ has garnered substantial domestic and international interest. The distribution network is being expanded to match the overwhelming demand. The WindChargerâ„¢ was designed to enable customers to generate their own electricity for free, provided there is wind, once the initial investment is paid back.


Helix Wind Turbines
In May, 2012, SEI acquired the assets of Helix Wind Corporation, another small VAWT manufacturer complete with patents, for a turnkey operation. They had distributed to 17 countries and, in the past 8 months, continued interest in these proven products has produced millions of dollars in tentative orders to capitalize upon. SEI is in the process of setting up in-house manufacturing of these units.



ENRCOM Cell Tower
Sauer Energy is engaged in commercializing its VAWT turbine product lines for manufacturing and distribution into one of the fastest growing sectors of the global energy marketplace. SEI seeks funding to carry out expanded manufacturing plan which will create multiple streams of income and establish revenues.


The WindChargerâ„¢ is involved in a pilot program with ENRCOM, a communications industry expert, for the purpose of mounting units on cell phone towers in Mexico, Central and South America. In anticipation, Sauer Energy has custom designed proprietary mounting systems to accommodate the various towers. In addition, ENRCOM has plans to use the WindChargerâ„¢ for backup emergency communication applications.

Just these two applications will completely change the way Latin Americans can stay connected without being connected to a grid. Reports show that there are over 350,000 cell towers in Latin America. Sauer Energy is gearing up production to ensure that need is met. We will provide the most cost-effective solution to serve the needs of communities worldwide.

To become a part of this dynamic team, you can invest directly into a qualified private placement at a discount. This offering is subject to Rule 144 of the Securities and Exchange Commission. One additional share warrant accompanies each share purchased.

Dieter Sauer
Sauer Energy Inc.
For more information, download the Sauer Energy Abstract PDF

Contact: Dieter Sauer , CEO and President

Sauer Energy Inc. (Ticker: SENY)

Phone/Fax: (888) 829-8748


Please visit our website for more information:


Revolutionary Shark Repellent Sensation

Sharkstopper® is the world’s first and only acoustic shark repellent. This breakthrough technology will protect a person engaging in any water activity from shark attacks. That person could be a swimmer, surfer, diver, triathlete, windsurfer, etc.... This exciting product doesn’t just assist the consumer; it also will aid an industry that loses approximately $50 billion a year due to shark attacks. That industry is the “Commercial Fishing Industry.†The Commercial Fishing Industries’ long liners and netters lose approximately 20 to 30% of their catch each fishing excursion due to shark attacks.

Sharkstopper’s unique acoustic protection technology has three patents already issued with one additional patent pending. Currently there exists no other method to successfully deter sharks from a reasonably large area of water without undo great expense and adversely affecting the environment. Sharkstopper has already been field tested around the world with various species of sharks.

Sharkstopper is prepared to begin production and marketing with the personal human protection device as well as the commercial fishing protection units. In as little as three years, Sharkstopper anticipates adding future products beyond the initial two which would include boating, law enforcement, tourism, and cruise lines to name a few. In order to launch, the company is seeking a financing partner who could fund $500,000 + in return for a percentage stake in Sharkstopper. Investor’s who wish to learn more about this exciting company, please contact the founder below.

Brian Wynne
President & Founder – Sharkstopper, LLC
Email =
Mobile = 631.830.7934
Website =




Extremely lucrative target market testing has been successfully completed! A golden ground floor opportunity as gas pricing is projected to hit $5-6.00 USD by next August.

Perfect for

EB5 Visa!




To speak with a representative, call:




The SmartPower Premium Fuel Performance (PFP) Package simply creates a premium fuel. The results are significant fuel consumption and emission reductions, while increasing horsepower, torque and engine oil life. We guaranty a minimum savings of 10% in fuel. We have product liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence. Our pre-combustion solutions reduce emissions significantly, without the extreme expense of costly post-combustion solutions. Our system works on any combustion engine with all types of fuel.

How It Works: SmartPower has combined the SmartPower Wildcat Hydrogen Booster, a Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Engines (HECE) technology with the SmartPower WIldCatalyst, a Fuel Catalyst technology to offer the ultimate combustion engine performance package. Our proven pre-combustion technologies will provide the following results on all types of combustion engines:

  • Significant reductions in harmful emissions including CO, NOX, and six other harmful gases.
  • Significant reductions in fuel consumption with minimum reduction guaranty of 10%
  • Increasing horsepower by up to 10%
  • Increasing torque up to 25%
  • Significantly increase engine oil life due to a cleaner burn with less carbon.

Pollution is largely due to unburned fuel exiting the exhaust system resulting in wasted fuel. The WildCatalyst separates clustered fuel cells giving oxygen the ability to cover more of the surface area at the point of combustion creating a more complete burn.

Now Available:
Super Duty Sizing Packages Available for 600-5000 HP Applications
Electric Motor Energy Saving Packages for Cleaner Power and GFI Protection


Short History of Craig Appelbaum, owner and founder of Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc.
and of the company itself.

Mr. Craig Appelbaum began working in the swimming pool cleaning and servicing business at the age of fifteen. By the time he was seventeen he had outgrown his employer and started his own cleaning and servicing business, Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc. His business started out with ten customers and over the past 25 years he has grown it into one of the largest pool servicing businesses in the New York - New Jersey area; currently servicing 5000+ customers. Craig grew Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc. organically and by purchasing more than a dozen competitors over the past years. He knows what it takes to give great service and truly loves the fact that he enables 100+ workers to provide for their families. Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc. is the leader in its industry and still has room to grow.

The company is looking to raise capital for the purchase of new equipment and to increase its workforce to accommodate the growth in their new pool construction and renovation department. The department is growing in part due to additional work and also due to the fact that Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc. just became the only distributor in the area for Sundek, an outstanding concrete coating company. Hiring and training of new crews and additional trucks and equipment are required to keep up with the customer demand of this product. The growth in their construction department is tremendous and requires the same increase in resources as the Sundek division.

Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc. is also looking to purchase a larger facility, as it has outgrown the 40,000 square feet it currently occupies. A new facility would also contribute to the company's growth and profit by providing the space necessary for all vehicle repairs to be done on-site by the full time mechanics they employ.

It is a proven fact that Mr. Appelbaum knows the secret to making a pool servicing company a success.  He prides himself on his company's dedication to customer service: returning customer phone calls, keeping timely appointments, and keeping customers informed of the status of their service calls and/or construction projects.

In summary, Craig runs a first class organization and has managers who can run the company in his absence, if necessary. The company has stood the test of time and is a poised to grow even more.  It seeks some solid financial backing to accomplish its ever expanding goals.

Contact: Craig Appelbaum, CEO
Crystal Clear Pool Service, Inc.
499 Old Nyack Turnpike
Nanuet, NY 10954
Office: 845-371-6500
Craig's Cell: 845-406-0089

Established in 1984, Salesability Inc provides marketing and financing for home improvements. Salesability has private investors that earn up to 14% interest annually on their principal invesment. Salesability’s loans are secured by Retail installments. Investment funds and interest are secured by Company Promissory Note and Personal Guarantee. Interest earned is paid monthly. Payments are made each month.

Salesability has ten full time employees. Six are part of our marketing team and four are in our financing department. Currently Salesability has over $5,000,00 in assets.

Salesability is seeking investors like you.

For more information, please download the PDF Presentation on Salesability.

Contact: Joe Rayl
Phone: 727-410-7315
Address: 14377 US Highway 19, North Clearwater, FL 33764


Sarasota Photo 001 is the exterior of the
                      lobby for the 70,000 square foot hotel constructed
                      in Sarasota, FLAdvanced Modular originally started in May 1988 to engage in selling and leasing commercial modular buildings. Growth was explosive and results were very promising until the sale of the company’s primary customer financing source to a competitor. Ever since, Advanced Modular was forced to work primarily on a “sell only†strategy in an industry where most of the product is leased. This “sell only†strategy hinders our growth.

Our history includes many very noteworthy modular building projects including a two story 70,000 square foot hotel and a 40,000 square foot modular church facility. Industry statistics show that seventy percent (70%) to eighty percent (80%) of the modular buildings produced are leased rather than sold. The “sell only†strategy severely limits the Company’s market.

AMS seeks equity investor to purchase preferred shares with generous quarterly compensation. The majority of the investment will be used to purchase income producing assets not start up costs, working capital or owner compensation. Simply stated, the investment funds are for growth.

The same management team is in place since 1990 including Gary Willis, the President. Gary is responsible for overseeing day to day operations and is very well known for his successful innovations in the modular building industry.

The Point 50 is the exterior of a high end
                    sales office constructed for the Boca Raton Resort
  • In business for 23 years
  • 11 employees
  • Loyal customer base for recurring business
  • Recurring income
  • Audited financial statements and business plan available
  • Company has excellent track record
  • Dozens of references available

Success Factors

AMS uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

PM exterior is a 40,000 square foot modular
                    church constructed by AMS during 1993 in Miami
                    Gardens utilizing lease financing
  • Entrepreneurial track record: AMS’s management team has been in place for over twenty years with a very strong track record in the industry and among its customer base.
  • Marketing: Historically AMS marketed primarily to the construction trade, churches and private schools. Online marketing and an aggressive SEO program provides leads from virtually every type of modular building user. Many businesses and private schools operate from leased modular buildings. The online marketing opened many new doors for AMS at very little cost.
  • JPM Inside is an interior shot of the
                        same churchSales Growth: During the period 1990 to 1996 AMS reported rapid sales growth. The sales increased from less than $1,000,000 to $7,000,000 annually over the seven year period. The sales growth rate over the period was an impressive 32% per year. Management believes the key to the rapid sales growth was readily available lease funding. AMS’s primary source of lease financing was acquired by GE Capital, a competitor, during 1996. The loss of readily available funding for leases is the primary cause of lackluster sales performance, subsequently.
  • Additional opportunities: The Offering will make AMS very competitive in approximately four times as many deals as it is today. The industry consensus along with management’s opinion is that seventy to eighty percent of modular buildings are leased. Presently AMS primarily works in selling modulars, because AMS is not competitive in short term (less than four years) lease bids. This strategy drastically reduces the number of bids that AMS competes in, thus reduces its opportunity to grow.

Unique Investment Opportunity

Modular Temporary work areaThe AMS investment opportunity is very exciting for several reasons:

  • AMS is an established company with an excellent track record.
  • Readily accessible lease financing will create a sales boom, and the rapid growth should increase the overall investment value.

The offer:

AMS seeks equity investors to raise $2,500,000 in $5,000 increments. The majority of the funds will be utilized to purchase income producing assets providing immediate cash flow.

Our Customer Base Includes:
Jan De Nul N.V. U.S Government
Tropical Shipping Royal Caribbean Cruises
Siemens Statoil
Bahamas Electricity Corporation Florida Atlantic University


Gary Willis
Advanced Modular Structures, Inc.
1911 NW 15th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(954) 960-1550 phone
(954) 234-4090 cell
(954) 960-0747 fax
CGC 057488 ECA 001954

Hospitality Investment Opportunity in one of the Hottest Markets in the Country - Oklahoma City.
Our Hotel is surrounded by over $4 Billion Dollars worth of new projects.

Bricktown Hotel & Convention Center - 187 guest rooms - over 15,000 sq ft of Convention Space
Investment amount from $100,000 to $4,000,000 -
Cash flow starts immediately.

New member of the Wyndham Group Hotels

Bricktown Hotel & Convention Center is a 187 Unit interior access Hotel with over 15,000 square feet of Convention Space and is located in the East Bricktown Entertainment District of Downtown Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. Tom Seabrooke, owner, purchased the hotel over 3 years ago and has since spent over $3,000,000 on interior improvements and renovations. The Bricktown Hotel and Convention Center is now part of the Wyndham Worldwide Family of Hotel brands operating under the “Knights Inn†Flag. A recent appraisal (November 2010) places the value today at $12,000,000. We expect the Hotel to be worth over $25,000,000 in 3 - 4 years.

Sales and Forecast. In our first year of operations our gross sales were $846,393. Year 2 we grossed over $2,236,000. We are on pace to hit sales of $3,000,000 for 2011. With the opening of the New $180,000,000 Museum across the street from the Hotel in 2014 we expect to reach sales of over $6,500,000 annually.

The Investment Proposal Use of funds; partner buyout and to complete the exterior improvements and complete our Eco-Friendly Going Green Campaign. Each investment of $100,000 would represent 1% ownership position in the hotel. You would receive 8% interest payments (paid monthly - $667 per month) plus your share of the Net Operating Income (N.O.I.) Example $1,000,000 Investment = 10% equity position, $500,000 Investment = 5% equity position, $200,000 = 2% equity position and so on.

Below see example Investor return based on $500,000 investment - equal to 5% equity plus 8% Interest

Forecast Annual Sales Operating Expenses Debt Service N.O.I. 5% equity 8% Interest Total
2011 - $3,000,000 $1,800,000 $680,000 $580,000 $29,000 $40,000 $69,000
2012 - $4,000,000 $1,900,000 $680,000 $1,420,000 $74,000 $40,000 $114,000
2013 - $5,000,000 $2,000,000 $680,000 $2,320,000 $116,000 $40,000 $156,000
2014 - $6,000,000 $2,100,000 $680,000 $3,220,000 $161,000 $40,000 $201,000

Our goal at the end of year 4 is to refinance all debt (including each investor) and you would continue to collect your proceeds of N.O.I. thereafter. So, you would be repaid your initial investment of $500,000 and you would still receive your 5% of N.O.I. Estimate $3,500,000 N.O.I. you would collect $175,000 annually thereafter.

Powerpoint presentations of the hotel and convention center are available.

About myself and my wife Karyn, we met here in Oklahoma City, I am from Canada, now a US citizen and Karyn is from Houston. We are Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Brokers,
see we own a Property Management Company - over 800 units,
see also a Developer, New Home Builder and Hotel Owner,

Contact: Tom Seabrooke
Telephone: 405-409-7779

Brilliant Earth Pictures, LLC
Presents a Feature Film
Investment Opportunity

Please visit our website for more information:

Currently budgeted at US$5 million ($100,000 per point).

Management Team

Major US InvestmentsSalvatore Lumetta, Producer, Director and Writer, is a graduate of New York University's Film School and recipient of The Paulette Goddard Scholarship for excellence in filmmaking for directing and screenwriting. He was a Producer of the feature motion picture "I Was A Teenage Zombie", a financially successful independent release.

Mr. Lumetta has written over ten feature length screenplays and has directed and acted in the short films "The Bird Tribes",
"A Conscience Will Kill You", and "The Stranger". In 2004 he staged and starred in a production of "Jungleland" at The Gene Frankel Theatre in Manhattan, a project which he is currently adapting for the screen.

Read more >>>

Steve Groff, Producer and Music
                      SupervisorSteve Groff, Producer and Music Supervisor, has worked in most facets of production, behind the scenes and in front of the camera and onstage. Production credits include "Gemini" on Broadway with Danny Aiello, Kathleen Turner and Wayne Knight. As an actor, Steve has numerous film, television, theatre and commercial credits and has had recurring roles on "Guiding Light," "One Life to Live," "Another World," "As the World Turns" and "Loving." Stunt work and stunt choreography includes: "The Cosby Mysteries," "Loving", and "One Life to Live".

Mr. Groff was Producer and Music Supervisor for the Short Film "A Conscience Will Kill You" winner of the Best of the Rest award at TropFest 2008. He also was Producer and Music Supervisor for the 2008 short feature film "The Bird Tribes". He will act in and produce Brilliant Earth Pictures' upcoming feature film "Natalia".

Read more >>>


Natalia is an intense and emotional love story which unfolds under the backdrop of Asbury Park New Jersey. It contrasts the life of leisure and privilege of Natalia, a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage in an upscale New Jersey town and the honky tonk arts, jazz and dance community of the beach town of Asbury Park. Natalia consummates a torrid affair with an artist, Vincent, who lives in the shore town and her spirit comes alive amongst the mixture of music, dance and the visual arts. The film is an exploration of a woman's spirit, as it struggles against the bonds of society, security and the allure of wealth, while her soul longs for the passion that comes alive in the embrace of her artist lover and the friends and community that re-ignite her zest for life.

Storyboard Vania Bezerra is "Natalia"
Natalia is the story of a Brazilian woman who marries an American named Jeffery and steps into what she expects to be the American Dream. But after ten years of marriage and a young child, the couple's relationship becomes one of resentment and fighting
Natalia is becoming drained by constant emotional abuse and her spirit is on the verge of being crushed.
Trapped by a world of wealth and privilege and angry at her husband, she begins an affair with Vincent, an artist who lives in the beach town of Asbury Park , New Jersey.
With Vincent, her sexuality and her passion for life are reignited
As Natalia falls deeper in love with Vincent...

his art and the music and stark beauty of the small artsy beach town...
she is forced to choose between the security of her suffocating life with her husband and the freedom, passion, and uncertainty of a much richer life
Steve Groff
Phone: 646-263-1157

Please visit our website for more information:


Franchised Vending Routes
Click here to see our Franchise Business Opportunity

  • Vending Machines already installed
  • Established accounts already in place
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Full franchisor support
  • Sophisticated Monitoring Technology
  • Min Cash $75,000, Good Credit, Financing Available

We have franchises for sale currently in the following cities:

Auburn, Maine
Portland, Maine
Dallas, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Edison, New Jersey
Albany, New York
Buffalo, New York
Miami, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Indianapolis, Indiana
New York, New York

Bacon Whitney LLC
Tel: 800-495-8700

Franchise Opportunity

· · · For Fun, Freedom and Financial Fitness.

Do you know someone who wants to start their own business?
You might have found what you've been looking for!

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Max Muscle has been a leader in the sports nutrition industry since 1991 and franchising since 2003. We produce and distribute our own line of popular high quality sports nutrition supplements. Our products are marketed throughout our national network of Max Muscle stores, as well as through a broader international distribution base. Our stores also offer a complete line of athletic apparel for today’s active, fashion-conscious consumer.

As a Max Muscle franchisee, you will offer sports nutrition products of the highest grade and purest raw materials available. But more importantly you will be providing highly sought-after advice and counsel to your customers – helping them reach their fitness goals and changing their lives!

Max Muscle offers a systemized, turnkey operating system, high quality proprietary products, cutting-edge business development tools, and comprehensive training and support programs to qualified individuals who want to be part of this growing and exciting industry. We offer the following three distinct franchise opportunities, depending on your needs, goals and qualifications: single store location, multiple store locations and regional development.

To read more information about this opportunity, please click here to download PDF file. Find additional information at

Ronald Meijerink
Licensed Regional Director for South Florida
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition
9473 S. Dixie Highway
Miami, Florida 33156
Phone: (786) 338-0284
Email: or

Franchise Opportunity - The Daily Grind Coffee House and Cafe

The Experience

Daily Grind At each Daily Grind Coffee House and Cafe, our franchise owners, managers and staff have an opportunity to provide each customer with our “ perfect experience.? From the first smile and friendly greeting as a customer walks in our door, to the light, frothy cappuccinos made perfectly to our customers? specifications, to the golden croissants we freshly bake, to our tasty sandwiches and our gourmet fresh brewed coffee -- a visit to a Daily Grind is a special event our customers enjoy daily.

The coffee house industry has exploded over the last decade. With over 75% of the us population identifying themselves as “coffee drinkers,†our market is huge. The Daily Grind franchise opportunity stands out amongst our competition. Our strong brand name is synonymous with exceptional products and outstanding service, the results of which have produced “the Daily Grind Coffee House and Cafe experience.†This “experience†brings to our franchise owners a proven business model with the greatest opportunity for success!

The Daily Grind experience, characterized by our Unwind within our logo, is our statement to your community on who we are and what we do. Look around and you’ll see the effect our customer service, warm colors, inviting décor, and comfortable furniture has on our guests.

Community Involvement

As a Daily Grind franchise owner, your business will be an important part of the community. We believe it is important that each Daily Grind remains a neighborhood coffee house, offering our well-known cozy and friendly atmosphere and overall experience. It is not unusual for our locations to become the preferred neighborhood gathering place in their community.

To help establish your Daily Grind as a vital community partner and to help build your business, we recommend joining the Chamber of Commerce and other local business associations, becoming involved in civic organizations, sponsoring youth-oriented sports and educational programs and using the dozens of other local marketing ideas that have been successful at other Daily Grind locations. This and much more will be shared with you during your extensive training and through our confidential operations manual.

Daily Grind and our franchisees proudly support organizations and events in our broader communities. We support PROJECT HOPE and their health education and disaster relief programs operating in Central America, Asia and, recently, the United States through the sale of our Fair Trade certified Plantation Blend coffee. A substantial portion of the profits from the sale of this coffee help support their programs, as well as direct donations from franchisees and their customers. We additionally support many regional and national organizations through active participation in and sponsorship of their events.

To review the Sales Packet Part 1, download the PDF file here
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Financial commitment: $400,000 for a single location.

Contact: Jorge R. Hernando
Phone: 305 632 3799
Fax: 305 675 2323

EUROPEAN STEAK AND LOBSTER HOUSE - Incredible Investment Opportunity

  • Restaurant with 400+ seats, 4 COP License
  • Family operated business for over 25 years
  • Tremendous 193' Frontage
  • Lot Size 44,579 Sq Ft.
  • Gross Bldg. Area over 12,224 Sq. Ft.
  • Building built in 1935, well maintained
  • Zoned BU-1A, RU-2 Current use retail
  • Potential use asa Retail Store, Professional Offices, Medical, Religious, or Mixed Use
  • Development site for Retail Strip Center or Multi-family (120+ Unit potential)
  • Located in Un-incorporated Dade County (North Miami Beach, FL)
  • Priced to sell at $103/Sq. Ft. - Offered at $4,600,000

Contact: Susan Mycko
Phone: 305.895.8975



This business plan actually involves four different business plans that interrelate with each other, regarding stone grill restaurants, franchises and home stone-grilling.

The theme restaurant chain should begin in NYC and South Beach Miami, Florida. These two locations swill bring in regular business 365 days a year, making it easy for funding future company-owned restaurants in strategic tourist and/or major business areas only. And within two to three years after, twenty all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean should have a small version of this theme restaurant as well. This restaurant requires no major chef, as all foods are pre-packaged and portion controlled, making for excellent control of the operation and maxi mixing net profits. This business has the potential of either going public or franchising, following the same plan as Rocky Akin's Benihana. Each restaurant will net over $4M in profit each year (not including alcohol sales).

The second tier (not to be started until all theme restaurants are placed) is having the stones in all other restaurant/bar settings, giving out exclusive territories. This can be done as they do in Europe, by our distributor. It can enhance a struggling restaurant, or add food to a bar menu without hiring a chef. The franchisee pays a small fee for use of the stones, and has an exclusive territory. And as you will see in a minute, the franchisee will purchase from our commissary (Chefsause) all foods, sauces and rubs for the stone.

The third business has been set up, CHEFSTONE TM. This will handle the consumer sales for the stone to the public. We have exclusive rights for NOrth America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Our intention is to market at all major gourmet food trade shows, as well as sell on Home Shopping Network and QVC on Cable television. The whole business plan for CHEFSTONE TM has been printed and a copy is available. Very modest projections of net profits are: Year 1: over $2M, Year 2: over $4M, and Year 3: over $6M.

The fourth business here has also been set up, CHEFSAUCE TV. This may be the most lucrative as here lies the most residual income. CHEFSAUCE will package and market to the restaurant group, the franchise group, and the home consumer all the sauces, rubs and foods for use with the stone, all developed by our executive, celebrity TV chef, Joe Ciminera of "Taste This" TV show. Don't forget that each theme restaurant will also have theme stores selling theme items and accessories (ie: "I GOT STONED" tee shirts, consumer stones, online foods and sauces menus, etc.) Modest profits projected here are as follows: Year 1: $300K, Year 2: $700K and Year 3 is expected to be over $2M.

I would think the two theme restaurants should be designed by a top restaurant designer, and done 6-12 months apart. The CHEFSTONE and CHEFSAUCE plan will require capital stock up on the stones, sauces and rubs, foods, and develop a restaurant and trade show booth and hit all trade shows in our markets.

Seeking joint venture partners with $7.5M (US$) to invest in new theme restaurant chain (2 units - NYC and South Beach, Miami) along with large scale consumer sales of exclusive product made famous (BRANDED) by theme restaurant concept and celebrity TV Chef.

Contact: Dr. Carl Lavorata


Through collaborative partnerships with nationally and internationally renowned developers, architects and adaptive re-use specialists, nationally ranked colleges/universities, leaders in management consulting and real estate development, and business investors/partners with a solid record, we intend to propose a plan that includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. One to four ice sheets to accommodate figure skating, ice hockey, curling and speed skating. A portion of these surfaces will be adaptable/convertible for multi use purposes.
  2. An outdoor soccer arena to accommodate a professional team either for practice facilities or as a competition venue.
  3. Educational mentorship, degree enhancement and project development component for middle school, high school, vocational schools and colleges/universities through an unprecedented consortium effort.
  4. A small business development incubator link to a nationally ranked educational institution.
  5. A fully funded not for profit component to include designated resources for specific philanthropic interests within the community.
  6. Exclusive sporting retail and food/dining facilities.


3 x $4.5M for ice rinks - $13.5M
3 x $1.65M for indoor soccer fields - $4.95M
WNPSL indoor - $1.55M

Agent contact:
Aurilla (DeeDee) Fusco



Enterprising youth seeks business partner/mentor for a second hand (limited new) and on line sports equipment business in the Northern VA area. Proven on line sales ability. Market analysis indicates a health environment for hockey, soccer and other second hand sports equipment venture.


Share in the Wealth of South Florida's Growing Real Estate Market

Investment Required: $100K to $500K

Profit from the current foreclosure boom occurring in South Florida. Innovative Home Solutions LLC, a Florida based entrepreneurial Real Estate Investment company, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing trend facing the South Florida real estate market. We are in the business of identifying and acquiring steeply discounted, pre-foreclosure properties at 30-40% below market value, then reselling them at full retail value on the open market. It's a classic buy-low, sell-high strategy with the potential for large profits.

According to recent statistics:

  • Florida has the highest foreclosure activity in the United States – over four times the national average.
  • Approximately 28,000 properties in Florida area already in some sage of foreclosure, with 1 new foreclosures filing occurring for every 254 households.
  • In South Florida alone, foreclosures filings have skyrocketed over the past year, with Miami-Dade County filings up by 95%, Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) by 203% and Palm Beach by 153%.

The company's exclusive and proprietary marketing methods ensure that a steady flow of highly motivated homeowners facing foreclosure will contact us on a daily basis. As the exclusive South Florida licensee of 1-800-Kwik-Cash and 1-800-Rescue-Me, Innovative Home Solutions LLC is ideal situated to dominate the South Florida market with proven mass media marketing methods (television advertising, radio, internet, billboard and direct mail) directly targeted at those facing foreclosure.

To met the demands of the rapid growth and exceed its goal of acquiring and reselling over 50 properties per year, Innovative Home Solutions, LLC, is seeking investors interested in a passive investment opportunity, who can provide working capital in return for a share in the company's profits for a five-year period. This represents an excellent passive investment opportunity to benefit in the profits of a company poised to become one of the dominant real estate players in South Florida over the next three to five years.

John Hope, President
Innovative Home Solutions, LLC
Phone: 786-371-3067

Se Habla Espanol:
David Lopez
Innovative Home Solutions, LLC
Phone: 786-488-9273


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