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American Businesses for Sale

American Businesses for Sale

 Looking to Emigrate to America?
Every year many people dream of coming to the United States and become a success in a new world. At Citizen USA we match people from other countries to American Businesses for sale giving the opportunity to start a new life in the United States.

Everyone knows that American is the land of opportunity and that is why Susan Ports started Citizen USA to match people from other countries to businesses in the United States to start a new life. By acquiring a viable US business or invest in a viable business a person from another country is qualified for immigration. Let Susan and her staff work with you in this exciting new venture for a better life. Citizen USA and our international representatives will walk you through the process of obtaining your new business allowing you to become a legal US resident.

Contact Susan Ports for further information about Citizen USA as well as
finding out where to attend one of our international seminars and learn
how you can become a legal US resident.

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