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Emigrate to USA

Emigrate to USA

 Looking to Emigrate to America?
Thank you for choosing Citizen USA to help you and your family emigrate to USA. Citizen USA was created by Susan Ports over 9 years ago to help people start their new lives in the United States. If you are ready to begin your journey then Citizen USA is the organization that will help you.

Citizen USA is an organization that connects US businesses that are for sale or seeking investors to persons wanting to come to the United States and live the American Dream. These businesses are available to anyone, including foreigners, and when someone from another country purchases a viable US business that qualifies the person to emigrate to the USA. Although this sounds easy we assure you that the process can be hard if not properly handled. Let the qualified and experienced Citizen USA staff, along with our foreign representatives, guide you through the process of getting the right business for you as well as acquiring your US Visa.

Contact Susan Ports for further information about Citizen USA as well as finding out where to attend one of our international seminars and learn how you can become a legal US resident.

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