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Migration to America

Migration to America

Looking to Emigrate to America?
Thank you for your interest in Citizen USA to help you with your migration to America. For over 9 years Citizen USA and founder Susan Ports have been helping many people start their new lives in the US, the land of opportunity.

For many years people have been choosing to leave their homeland to start new lives right here in America. This is where Citizen USA is here to match US businesses that are for sale with foreigners that want to migrate to America. When you purchase a viable US business or invest in a US business you qualify for immigration. Let Susan Ports and Citizen USA find the right business for you so you can start your success in a New World. Citizen USA, along with our international representatives, work with you to get through the process of purchasing a business and acquiring your US Visa.

Contact Susan Ports for further information about Citizen USA as well as finding out where to attend one of our international seminars and learn how you can become a legal US resident.

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