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Migration to USA

Migration to USA

Welcome to the home of Citizen USA for your migration to USA interest. At Citizens USA Susan Ports and her staff are here to help you once you have made your decision to leave your homeland and begin a new life here. Now that you are ready to come to the land of opportunity Citizen USA is ready to take this exciting journey with you.

Citizen USA was created by Susan Ports over 9 years ago in Miami, Florida. We have helped many people from all walks of life reach their goals for migration to the USA. We have many leads on businesses for sale or for investment opportunities. These businesses are for sale to anyone and when you acquirer a viable US business or investment you qualify for immigration. From beginning to end of purchasing a business or investing and acquiring your US Visa, Citizen USA and our foreign representatives walk with you on your path to a new life.

Contact Susan Ports for further information about Citizen USA as well as finding out where to attend one of our international seminars and learn how you can become a legal US resident.

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