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USA Green Card

USA Green Card - Looking to Emigrate to America?

Searching for a USA green card is made quick and easy here at Citizen USA with the EB 5 visa program backed by the government. Included in the US 1990 immigration laws is the EB visa programs allowing individuals wanting to come to the US and receive a green card (permanent resident) may do so by investing in a US business.

Citizen USA has been working with individuals and their families to come to the US permanently by using the EB 5 visa program for over 9 years. Needed to qualify for the EB 5 program the investor must invest $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00, depending on the region of the business, into a business, retain a minimum of 10 full time employees and make an economic impact. Citizen USA and our international representatives are with you through this new and exciting journey for you, your spouse and children, under the age of 21. A green card is also known as an alien registration card or permanent resident card good for 10 years and available for renewal.

Contact Susan Ports at Citizen USA for more information about a green card through the EB 5 visa program. Right now immigration is a hot topic and with elections around the corner anyone who is serious in becoming a permanent US citizen should do so now.

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